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Badland is a role-playing game developed by Frogmind that attracts players with its stunning visuals and unique gameplay. As players adventure through a mysterious and dangerous forest, they encounter fascinating creatures and face challenging obstacles, making Badland a truly immersive gaming experience like the way Only Up has brought it

Reveal the mysterious world

In Badland, players are introduced to a breathtaking mysterious world filled with lush forests, eerie caves, and mystical ruins. The game's hand-drawn graphics and atmospheric soundtrack create an immersive environment that draws the player into the heart of the adventure.

Challenges of Obstacles and Puzzles

As the player progresses, the forest reveals its true nature, filled with insidious traps, spinning blades, and terrifying creatures. The game constantly presents players with new challenges, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome. The development environment adds an element of surprise, keeping players engaged and attentive throughout their journey.

Unravel the mystery

As players venture deeper into the forest, they uncover clues about the true nature of the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. The game's story unfolds through exquisite visual storytelling, keeping players hooked and immersed in the mysterious world of Badland.

Replica - Unique Game Mechanics

One fascinating aspect of Badland is its use of replicas. Players can spawn multiple clones of their characters, creating unique and creative ways to solve puzzles and traverse the forest. The addition of clones adds depth to the gameplay and challenges players to think strategically.

Day and night cycle

The dynamic cycle of day and night in Badland not only enhances the atmospheric experience, but also influences the gameplay. Different challenges and obstacles arise depending on the time of day, requiring players to adapt and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Journey of discovery

The captivating world of Badland invites players to join a journey of discovery and exploration. Hidden secrets and collectibles are scattered throughout the forest, encouraging players to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny.

Character control

The core of the game is an intuitive one-touch control system. Players take control of a quirky creature as it glides through a mesmerizing landscape. A single tap on the screen causes the creature to flap its wings, allowing it to navigate through obstacles and keep up with the ever-changing environment.