Draw Climber

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Draw Climber is a novel and innovative game that challenges players to design their own unique characters. Developed by Voodoo, this game combines drawing and racing, providing a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.

Draw the road to victory

In Draw Climber, the player has a unique opportunity to draw their character's legs. Legs play an important role in propelling characters forward as they race through various obstacles and tracks.

Customize your character

The game allows players to unleash their creativity by customizing their characters with hand-drawn legs, with just a few strokes, players can design legs to suit their strategy and playstyle.

Overcoming Obstacles

As players race through the levels, they encounter challenging obstacles and obstacles. The way the characters' feet are drawn directly affects their ability to move through these obstacles and on destination.

Strategy and Adaptability

Draw Climber requires both strategic planning and adaptability. The player must draw legs that are flexible enough to traverse different terrains and obstacles effectively.

Compete in races

Players can compete against AI opponents or challenge friends in multiplayer mode.

Unlock new levels

With each win, players unlock new levels and challenges, providing more opportunities to show off their drawing and racing skills.

Creativity and endless fun

Draw Climber offers endless creativity and fun, as players experiment with different strategies and leg designs to achieve victory.\

Draw Climber is an imaginative and entertaining game that encourages players to think creatively and strategically. Drawing characters' legs adds a unique touch to traditional games like the Slope Game , making it a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages. Accept the challenge, unleash your creativity and race your way to victory in the Draw Climber!