Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is a nostalgic game like classic games like Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog. However, this is a game of the adventure game genre.

Although it was only released in 2023, this game is like the hot game Only Up at the moment. But Pizza Tower brings a whole new experience with the main theme that cannot be ignored is pizza. That also makes this game a craze with the gaming community around the world.

Pizza tower characters

Referring to Pizza tower, we will not be able to ignore the characters in the game. Here, our characters are made in cartoon style, so they have very funny and unique expressions. So let's take a look at some of the outstanding characters in this game

  • Peppino: First of all, it is impossible not to mention this main character. The manufacturer assigned the highest responsibility in the game, which is to deliver pizza. One day, when he was delivering cakes, he accidentally got stuck in the Pizza Tower. Here, he accidentally discovered that his lover was also kidnapped here. Without thinking much, Pepino immediately set out to rescue his lover and find a way out of the mysterious tower.
  • Mr. Tomato: A friendly character and a good friend of Peppino. Tomato made a guide that provides tips for overcoming obstacles and a guide during his friend's journey to find a way out of the tower.
  • Cheese Dogs: These are the guards of this tower. People with very weird shapes just like their names. Inside they are like a sausage and covered with a layer of cream cheese. The task of these guys is to patrol around the building and not let anyone get out. However, with just a little bit of your trick and strength, you can control Peppino to defeat these guys without spending any effort.
  • Pizza Golem: Here it is, we finally know who the final boss of this tower is. Pizza Golem is the formidable boss, Pizza Golem is a giant creature made entirely of pizza ingredients. Peppino must take on this challenging opponent in an epic battle to continue his way up the tower. And only then can you escape from here
  • Princess Pendeloque: Princess Pendeloque is Peppino's lover and poor girl in distress. She was captured and held at the top of the Pizza Tower. Peppino's ultimate goal is to rescue her from the clutches of the mysterious villain in the tower.

Also in this game there are also many different Peppino customers but the characters are not playable. They can provide quests, offer humorous dialogue, or offer unique challenges for Peppino to overcome.

How to play game

To play this game is not too difficult. You just need to get used to the arrow keys to be able to control the main character to move as you like. In addition to normal movement, there are 2 keys that are Z and X. In which Z will be the key to help you choose options on the main screen and when starting the journey, the Z key has the function to help the character jump. . The remaining X key will help you move quickly at a tremendous speed to knock down the guards and break the walls made of stone and wood.