Temple of Boom

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Temple of Boom is a multiplayer shooting game that offers non-stop action and thrilling battles. With diverse game modes, a variety of weapons, and dynamic arenas, players will be swept up in a world of strategic gameplay and intense chaos. Whether you're teaming up with friends or challenging opponents, the fast-paced nature of Temple of Boom will keep players coming back for more. Prepare yourself for an explosive adventure in Temple of Boom as you embark on an epic journey to become the ultimate champion!

Style Play

Action multiplayer battles

Temple of Boom revolves around multiplayer battles, where players can join forces with friends or challenge strangers to fast-paced and chaotic shooting matches. The real-time nature of the game ensures non-stop excitement. You just need to use the arrow keys to move and press the Z or Z key to use the weapon

Different game modes

The game offers multiple game modes to attract players. From classic free-to-all battles to team battles, players can choose their preferred mode and experience varied gameplay.


Various weapons

Temple of Boom features a wide variety of weapons, from pistols and shotguns to futuristic laser guns and explosive grenades. Each weapon offers a unique style of play, adding depth and strategy to battles.

Power-Ups and special abilities

The Jetpack Joyride game also features battles in which players can gather power-ups and activate special abilities to gain an edge over their opponents. These buffs can turn the tide of the game and lead to exciting comebacks.

Custom characters

Players can customize their character with a variety of skins and accessories, adding a personal touch to their in-game avatar.

Challenging Arena

The game features many dynamic and visually appealing arenas, each with their own set of obstacles and hiding spots.

Progress and Rewards

As players engage in battles and win, they earn experience points and rewards, allowing them to level up and unlock new weapons and customization options.