Only Up

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Only Up is an adventure game about a hyperactive boy who is too bored with a boring life. So he decided to pack his backpack and go explore the world above.

Although only released this year, Only Up has achieved certain achievements when it reached the top of the most viewed games on Twitch and Steam. With such an impressive achievement, it is obvious that the game is of great interest to many people.

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Only Up map

Only Up map brings you have a mesmerizing adventure that immerses players in a series of unique and challenging areas. Each zone carries its distinct ambiance and obstacles

Arrival at the Downtown Favela

Our journey commences in the Downtown Favela, an area reminiscent of a shabby slum. Players begin here, unceremoniously dropped into the midst of a town with no explanation of where to go. Amidst the confusion, a small sign reading "START" points towards a tire stuck in the ground, signaling the beginning of the adventure.

The Pipe Maze

As we move forward, the Pipe Maze emerges, a bleak area with rusty pipes intertwined. Players often find this to be a burden during their first playthrough, as the road is narrow and complicated. However, with practice and mastery of the walking system, the path becomes more accessible, leading to earnest gameplay.

The Railroad Area and Factory Zone

Next, we encounter the Railroad Area and Factory Zone, two regions with seamless transitions and similar atmospheres. The story begins to unfold here subtly, and players find themselves navigating through a low-difficulty, lengthy railroad area. A wagon offers automated transport but is not recommended due to its slower speed. The factory area demands more cautious movements, introducing automation and posing a greater challenge.

The Construction Area

After passing a brief subway section beyond the factory area, we enter the lengthy Construction Area. It presents scaffolding made of containers, paper boxes, and temporary walls, along with buildings under construction. Difficulty increased suddenly, making it a daunting area for beginners, though several shortcuts are available.

The First Road Area

In this area, we encounter a vast, safe road with a blue bus in the middle, offering a short, obstacle-free ride. Beyond the bus stop, we encounter a seemingly dazzling block, challenging players with dazzling players. Despite this, the road is easily passable with careful steps.

The Garbage Area and Warehouse Zone

Exiting the safe road area, we encounter the Garbage Area and Warehouse Zone. Floating in the air without safety zones, these sections require careful navigation to avoid deep falls and uneven steps. However, there are methods to skip some parts, alleviating the difficulty.

The Shopping Mall

In stark contrast to the shabby areas, the Shopping Mall promotes unveils a sophisticated environment. Players will encounter a convenience store, a flashy section with a department store towards the end. Though relatively easier, players must remain cautious, as an elevator in a small clothing store can lead to an unexpected free-fall.

The Second Road Area

Similar to the first road area, the second one features a wide and lengthy road serving as a safe zone. However, players should beware of sections where the road is really destroyed. Careful movement is essential to avoid crashing along with the broken road.

The Corporate Area

As we cross the broken road and ascend the Ferris wheel, we find ourselves in the Corporate Area. Initially starting with an ordinary office feel, the area transforms into an extravagant room adorned with gold lacquer, signifying a reversal in the main character's life. The difficulty level escalates as players must land on small platforms after running fast.

The Climb through Buildings

Unlike other unrealistic areas with floating scaffolding, this area features ordinary stairs, properly attached pipes, and vent climbing sections. The difficulty level is relatively low, enabling players to ascend without much trouble.

The Myth Area

A mystical realm reminiscent of myths and religious elements awaits players. Riding marble stairs at the start, players encounter various elements like the creation of the world, basilisk bones, and a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio. Beware, as the marble surfaces are slippery, making caution essential.

The Area of Learning

Riding the hands of Rio's Jesus statue leads to the Area of Learning. Here, elements from various regions emerge, with themes like the periodic table, fossils, Harry Potter, astronomical models, and chessboards briefly appearing. The producer includes delightful Easter eggs and references to fan-favorite broadcasters.

The Botanical Garden and Heart Maze

Embarrassingly short, the Botanical Garden boasts a proposal bouquet and a unique atmosphere, setting it apart from other regions. Next, the Heart Maze poses challenges in finding the entrance. Players must jump from the turtle's top towards the red walled maze. while th e maze itself is not overly complex, it can consume time for first-time players.

The One Who Carries the Earth

This area features the motif of Atlas carrying the earth. Despite its significance, many players mistakenly looked it over. Those who navigate correctly will find a ship taking them to the next area, the Snowy Mountain.

The Samdocheon Area and Whale Zone

Moving through Japan, we reach the Samdocheon Area. An eerie transition to black and white sets the tone for an ominous experience. Players can collect coins before entering the belly of a whale, leading to the Whale Zone. Though atmospheric, this area is relatively easy to navigate.

Tower of Babel

Famous for its pitfalls, the Tower of Babel poses the most important challenge in Only Up. The player often falls into the Cheese Trap, which when stepping on the scaffold will cause the player to fall back to Favela. This section requires careful handling to avoid restarting from scratch.

Beans area

The final hurdle, the Beanstalk, is a test of all skills honed along the way. The player must avoid the dragon's interference and skillfully climb the giant bean tree. Each section contains elements from the protagonist's teenage years, making it a fitting climax.

Ball jumping area

Upon reaching the top of the bean plant, the Jump Ball Area awaits. The method of going up is unusual, relying on the control of the jumping ball. While it presents another challenge, the area provides a large safe zone, making movement relatively easy.

The Black Hole and The Last Section of the Ship

Our journey culminates with the Black Hole area. Stepping towards it activates an elevator, transport players to the last section of the ship. After passing the "Congratulation" sign, players finally reach the spaceship, marking the long-awaited ending.

Only up game

Only up game gives you the enchantment on a surreal journey through diverse realms, each with unique atmospheres and challenges. Upon entering the game, you find yourself in the heart of Downtown Favela, an area that resembles a rundown slum. There is no explanation, you must explore and control the character through different characters to progress to the final destination

The end of this game

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, Only Up's virtual world is bathed in golden light. The journey is long and challenging, full of ups and downs, but the final players are nearing the end of their epic ascent. The road ahead was steep and dangerous, but they kept going, determined to reach the top and claim victory.

Throughout the game, the player encounters a series of obstacles. From swinging platforms to slips, every step requires precision and agility. It was a real test of their gaming prowess and bravery.

As the final levels unfold, the difficulty rises to unprecedented heights. The developers have created a series of tests aimed at pushing players' skills to their limits. Each failure only strengthens their resolve, for they know that the joy of conquering such challenges will be immeasurable.

One by one, players make their way through the penultimate levels, proving their mettle in the face of adversity. Cheers erupted on forums and social media as they shared their successes, inspiring others to persevere and keep moving forward.

However, very few players have glimpsed its intricate design and mechanics, and those who have ventured deep into it have not returned unharmed. The game's ending is rumored to be the ultimate test of skill, requiring not only exceptional gameplay but also a deep understanding of the game.

Only up speed run world record

In the game world, speed running has become a thrilling and competitive pursuit, where players aim to complete the game in the fastest time possible. Among the many games that have captured the attention of speed enthusiasts, Only Up stands out as a challenging and engaging choice. According to some information and some statistics website. The lead in fastest completion time is probably held by Distortion2 with a terrible time of 19 minutes 42 seconds. Hopefully, we will see faster records for this game soon

In addition, we may be able to reveal to everyone a few factors related to the game, based on which players can shorten the time to play to the finish line and create their own records.

  • Gameplay Experience: Experienced players who are familiar with the game and have honed their gameplay skills over time can complete the game faster. Note that belonging to the map is a necessity that you should have.
  • Practice and Strategy: Players spend more time finding new paths, much faster than the usual paths. However, the other ways are not for everyone and it depends a lot on your personal skills. That's why we say that the players who reach the finish line quickly are because of their individual skills that they have practiced many times.
  • Speed Run: Some players specialize in speed runs, where they aim to finish the game as quickly as possible. Speed runners often use optimized routes and techniques to achieve the fastest finish times.
  • Level Difficulty: Completion speed can also depend on the difficulty of the levels being played. Some levels may be more difficult and take longer to complete than others.

Walkthrough this game

Wanting to play Only Up is not too difficult when you just need to use simple keys. Like AWSD to control the direction of the character's movement such as forward, backward, turn left, turn right. If you want to jump then you can use spacebar. Don't forget to use the mouse to look around to choose the fastest path. And down here are some tricks for players

  • Each zone introduces unique obstacles, such as rusty pipes, floating platforms, and collapsed scaffolding.
  • Be on the lookout for potential traps, dead ends, and pitfalls that could lead to a reboot.
  • Some segments have moving platforms or obstacles, requiring precise timing and coordination.
  • Take your time to explore each area, as they often contain shortcuts and hidden collectibles.
  • Get to know characters or objects or even hint at the game's base story.
  • Some areas have broad and stable foundations that act as safe zones where you can pause and plan your next move.
  • Use your comfort zone strategically to assess upcoming challenges and visualize your ascent.
  • As you progress, keep in mind the layout of each area to anticipate hazards and obstacles.
  • Practice is essential to improve your skills and pass difficult sections.
  • While there is no time limit, aiming for speed and efficiency can lead to better rankings and records.
  • Mastering the correct movements will allow you to clear areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Only Up requires patience and persistence. Expect a lot of effort to conquer the challenging sections.
  • Learn from your mistakes, adapt and keep trying. Then you will succeed
  • Some areas have interactive items that can assist you as you go up, such as elevators or moving platforms.
  • Use these elements wisely to overcome obstacles and progress.
  • As you climb higher, each area will gradually become more difficult, but the sense of accomplishment will increase.

You'll eventually reach the Final Part of the Ship, and once it's done, bask in gravity-defying glory. Wishing you success in conquering this difficult game