Getting Over It

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Getting Over It will let players play the role of a man trapped in a cauldron and next to him is a hammer. Your mission is to help him move to the final destination by using this hammer. Because of the uniqueness that no other game has, this game became a phenomenon as soon as it was released and got a lot of searches on the internet by keywords like getting over it online or getting over it guide.

Getting over it online

Getting over it online is another version of this game when players can experience this game online without having to download it to their computer like Only up game. Originally, the game maker did not mention anything about the online version of the game, but because of the heat and hotness of the game, many people have remade this game. This is quite good because we have to know that the game's graphics are quite heavy. Computer configuration requirements are also very high. Not everyone has a good computer to experience, so the Getting Over It online version was born.

However, it is worth noting that due to the popularity of the game, there have been many unofficial online platforms, forums and communities where players can discuss their experiences, share strategies and even compete for speed record or high score. These online communities can provide a sense of camaraderie and support as players share their successes and disappointments while playing the game.

Basically, this online version does not have too many changes, still just a person, replaced by a cat trapped in a cauldron and also has to use a hammer to move to the final destination.

Another strange thing is that the details of the surrounding scenery have been changed almost 100% to be able to meet everyone's playing experience. If people are looking for an online version but the graphics have to be the same as the original version, I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist. And although it is a remake version, Getting Over It online is still giving players the experience, with an extremely high test of patience.

Getting over it guide

To play this game is not difficult, but playing how to get to the final destination is really a challenge and you will have to know a few things that are mentioned below to help yourself conquer this game

The first thing is very simple but it is the core thing that you need to know. That is how can use the hammer to move the character. It's very simple, use your computer mouse to rotate the hammer. This hammer is like a paddle so swing back and forth to find a fulcrum and it will help you create bounce or leverage to move the character.

One thing to keep in mind is that if in a turn you can't reach the finish line. Then don't worry, we have a series of check points to help you save your previous play

While experiencing the game, I think you will find many different tips to be able to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible. Hope you can overcome the obstacle and reach the finish line as soon as possible. Good luck