Truck Trials

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Truck Trials make an exciting off-road driving experience for players looking for action and excitement. With a wide choice of trucks, challenging levels and realistic physics, the game offers an immersive and realistic off-road adventure. Whether you're a seasoned truck driver or a casual gamer, Truck Trials promises hours of entertainment as you navigate rough terrain and conquer tricky obstacles. So buckle up, speed up your engine and start a thrilling journey to become the ultimate truck test champion!

Off-road adventures await

Truck Trials immerses players in an off-road adventure like no other. Drive through rugged landscapes, muddy trails and dangerous obstacles in your quest to complete different challenges.

Many challenging levels

The game features a series of challenging levels, each with its own terrain and obstacles. As the player's skills have improved much, just like in Badland the difficulty will be increased, presenting more rigorous challenges.

Wide selection of trucks

Truck Trials offers a wide selection of powerful trucks, each with their own strengths and characteristics. Players can choose the perfect truck that suits their driving style and preferences.

Customize and upgrade

Enhance your truck with various customization options and upgrades. Improve your truck's performance, handling and looks to take on the toughest challenges.

Realistic physics and controls

Truck Trials combines realistic physics and responsive controls, providing an amazing driving experience. Players must navigate carefully through each level to avoid tipping over or getting stuck.

Time-based challenge

Several levels in Truck Trials are time-based challenges that add an element of urgency and excitement to the gameplay. Race against the clock to complete the trial within the given time limit.

Achievements and Rewards

As players successfully complete trials and achieve specific goals, they will earn rewards and unlock achievements. These achievements add an extra layer of satisfaction to the gameplay.

Stunning graphics and sound effects

Truck Trials boasts stunning graphics that showcase a stunning yet challenging off-road environment. Vivid sound effects further enhance the gaming experience.