Run 3

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Run 3 stands out as a unique and engaging endless runner that combines gravity defying mechanics, challenging levels, and multiple characters to deliver an immersive experience in space. This is also what the game Temple Run 2 can bring to you Whether you're testing your reflexes or unleashing your creativity with the level editor, the game offers endless hours of entertainment. With its non-violent and family-friendly nature, Run 3 has earned a reputation as a fun game for players of all ages. Put on your space shoes and embark on an interstellar journey full of excitement, challenge and endless fun in Run 3!

Guide to pass the game

Endless run in space

The main goal of Run 3 is to keep running as far as possible through a never-ending series of tunnels. The game's endless level design ensures that the challenge continues, testing your reflexes and quick thinking.

Mastering gravity mechanics

Unlike traditional endless runner games, Run 3 introduces unique gravity defying mechanics. Players can use the keys of each name to control the character to walk on walls and ceilings, defying the laws of physics and providing a new and exciting gaming experience.

Features of the game

The game offers a variety of playable characters, each with their own set of abilities and attributes. Players can unlock new characters by collecting energy tiles in levels.

Challenging obstacles and gaps

As you progress, the game becomes more challenging, introducing various obstacles and gaps that require precise timing and skill to overcome. Some areas may have crumbling bricks or moving platforms, adding to the complexity.

In-game shops and upgrades

Run 3 has an in-game shop where players can use collected energy tiles for upgrades and various customization options. Upgrades help improve your character's abilities, making it easier for you to conquer more difficult levels.

Level Editor and User Generated Content

One of the standout features of Run 3 is the level editor, which allows players to create and share their own custom levels. The game's active community continuously contributes to an extensive library of user-generated content, expanding the game's replay value.

Immersive soundtrack

Run 3 boasts a vibrant and lively soundtrack that complements the futuristic setting and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Non-Violent and Friendly

Run 3 is a non-violent game suitable for players of all ages. Its simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics make it accessible to both casual players and game enthusiasts alike.